Celery Negotiations

| Vincent Romero Creative

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Addepar embraces all forms of creativity: we never pun-ish each other for bad jokes. So when Andrew reimagined a common conversation he had in his role as a recruiter, he knew he could trust designer Nick to help realize his dream. The combination of Andrew’s words and Nick’s illustration took up permanent residence on one of our whiteboards, and their punny bunnies hopped into the hearts of many on our team.

After David Blumberg visited to share his thoughts about investing in technology startups, we wanted to send him a thank you that represented Addepar’s culture of creativity and ambition. The Design team transformed our workshop into a screen printing studio we could use to send our rabbits to David on a custom t-shirt. We hope he will enjoy the results as much as we enjoyed hosting him at Addepar.

When others at Addepar learned about our screen printing project, demand for the shirts multiplied like… well… The Design team seized the opportunity to share our passion for craft and design by hosting a “Screen Print Your Own Shirt Night.” The event proved so popular we held three separate sessions: Addeparvians had the opportunity to be hands on and take part in something that reflects the culture we aim to nurture.


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