Supercharge your CRM: Addepar for Salesforce

| Mindy Lyons Industry

76% of investors cite the ability to get a holistic view of their accounts as an important factor when selecting a financial advisor, according to a report published by Salesforce. But finance is fragmented. Clients have their wealth allocated across asset classes, accounts and custodians – and lack of common infrastructure means that advisors often struggle to provide a comprehensive view of complex portfolios.

Salesforce recently announced Wave for Financial Services Cloud, aimed at putting insights at advisors’ fingertips. We’re proud to be an official partner of Salesforce, and recently attended Dreamforce to showcase our integration and share how wealth managers can leverage the power of Addepar’s platform within Salesforce.

What does this mean? Here are three ways wealth managers benefit from having aggregated data and powerful analytics from Addepar integrated in their CRM:

  1. Proactively address client questions. When clients call asking for their current net worth or to understand their performance, tracking down answers is often more difficult than it should be. Imagine being able to provide an overview of your client’s performance overall, by account and by security – in seconds, and without having to toggle across multiple systems. Comprehensive portfolio data and analytics integrated in your CRM allows you to instantly answer common questions on the spot. Easily provide clients with valuable information, like performance, asset allocation and realized gains and losses to date.
  2. Manage relationships more efficiently. Monitor portfolios to ensure they are aligned with stated targets and goals. Manage cash balances for periodic wire transfers and distributions. Track unfunded commitments and other metrics for private equity funds. More effectively administer clients across the firm and across advisors with automated data aggregation and reconciliation. Cross-firm collaboration through a centralized platform allows the team to work more efficiently, while making it easier for advisors to manage client relationships.
  3. Empower business growth. With aggregated client data and powerful analysis integrated in your CRM, wealth advisors can focus on growing the business and providing excellent service to clients.

Addepar for Salesforce can give you unparalleled insight into client portfolios and deepen your relationships through immediate, accurate insight. Check out our listing in the AppExchange or view the one pager to learn how Addepar integrates directly with the Financial Services Cloud data model.

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