Crescent Grove Advisors "Addepar has upgraded our ability and our efficiency level, allowing us to spend more time on the important things that add value to our client relationships." Nick Kochanski / Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer

The Story

Crescent Grove is a 100% employee-owned boutique wealth management firm that offers specialized services to ultra high net worth families and individuals.  As an independent private investment firm, our commitment to clients is built on comprehensive wealth strategies that address complex needs. We combine an intelligent, process-oriented investment approach with concierge-style service, with each advisor working with a limited number of clients.

Our vision from the beginning was to provide exceptional client service. White glove, high-touch. Our investment advice offers a long-term perspective, emphasizing objective research and discipline, but on a very personal level. Our process involves examining our clients’ situations from every angle, including existing relationships they may have with other service providers.

We understand that our clients have real needs and real deadlines. They rely on us to manage those needs, no matter how complex. We have traditional fixed income managers, equity managers, and mutual funds that we recommend to clients, but we’re also very focused on alternative investments. And those require more sophistication and more horsepower.

When we launched Crescent Grove in 2015 we knew that we needed to integrate key capital and technology partnerships to guarantee our success. Critical to this process were the seamless collaboration between Addepar, our custodian Fidelity and iCapital, an alternative investments platform.

Technology is a huge part of the value-added equation to deliver our brand of client experience. For example, in the past aggregating a comprehensive net worth statement could take up to three days. Now with Addepar it’s basically real-time. So in terms of servicing a client, that’s a huge upgrade. It is really powerful for us to be able to pull all that together on a very quick turnaround.

From an efficiency perspective that’s certainly a big pick-up. Clients see the power of being able to aggregate different accounts from different custodians in one place. People can get a feel for what we’ll be producing for them, and that’s a big part of what Addepar brings to the table.

Addepar has upgraded our ability to spend more time on the important things that add value to our client relationships. The systems we have in place are there almost entirely to create more time for our advisors so they can spend those moments on what’s most important.

Ultimately it comes down to providing clients with great service.  We want to keep building on what we’ve been doing. Addepar is a key ingredient in that vision, and our relationship with them really helps inform where we need to go to continually up our game.

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