Dynasty Financial Partners "With Addepar we are tying the advice and the RIA together with multiple custodians and multiple product manufacturers, giving the advisor and the client a unified experience." Shirl Penney / President and CEO

The Story

Dynasty Financial Partners was founded in 2010 with the mission of creating a new model of service platform that allows advisors to do more for clients, grow their business more efficiently, and minimize conflict. Today, Dynasty Financial Partners is the premiere integrated platform provider for the wealth management industry’s top independent advisors.

While the the media was focused on the breakaway advisor movement, we also saw that there was breakaway client movement, motivated by end clients who wanted to get their advice delivered separate from where products are manufactured and sold. These were some significant paradigm shifts, and both were empowered by the changing landscape in technology.

It became increasingly clear that a next generation technology platform could allow firms to move faster and more nimbly, and give them the advantage in the wealth management marketplace.

In early days of the partnership with Addepar we both made a key observation: the teams serving larger end clients tended to be the most underserved. As those larger end clients come into the RIA space, a lot of them are being launched and supported by Dynasty, and consolidated reporting was a key element of the value proposition.

We’re constantly looking for partners in the tech ecosystem that are thinking about where the market’s going to be. Addepar is very much philosophically aligned with that. They’re coming to work every day with us, helping us to collaborate to build better reporting tools to allow our advisors to take better care of our underlying clients.

Firms like Dynasty in partnership with firms like Addepar are tying the advice and the RIA together with multiple custodians and product manufacturers, and giving a unified experience to the advisor.

Our passion is driving financial health for individuals, institutions, and government. We fundamentally believe that this is a rare moment in time to help change for the better financial services in this country.

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