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The Challenge

Litvak & Co. required sophisticated technology to support the complex multi-asset class and multi-currency portfolios of its global clientele.

The Solution

Addepar offered the only technology that met the firm’s requirements for multi-asset class, multi-currency and multi-data source support as well as optimized transparency and customization.

The Result

Litvak & Co. is attracting new clients and exceeding their expectations with responsive service fueled by Addepar’s progressive technology.

Litvak & Co. “Our approach is helping us attract clients, and it will keep them with us for decades to come. Addepar improves the client experience, and helps our team work more productively. Basically, Addepar lets us deliver big and stay small.” Ricardo Litvak / Founder and CEO

The Challenge:

Finding Modern Technology to Analyze Complex International Portfolios

A recent addition to the investment advisory and financial consulting community, Litvak & Co. provides a range of services to high net worth families in the United States and Latin America. In addition to investment services, the firm also adds the personal touch of private banking. To fully capitalize on its potential, Litvak & Co. searched for a technology platform that exceeded the benefits of traditional investment management solutions. Former platforms lacked multi-currency capability, as well as the ability to support multiple custodians and report on alternative investments alongside more traditional assets.

“We saw the fact that we were choosing a new technology as a competitive advantage,” says Ricardo Litvak, Founder and CEO of Litvak & Co. “The legacy systems used by many larger firms don’t offer a complete and transparent view of portfolios. These systems make it difficult to aggregate the data needed to assess performance and risk, especially for complex portfolios. We took a fresh look at technology and realized Addepar was the only option that was ready for today and built for the future.”

The Solution:

The Key to Analyzing Any Asset in Any Currency

Addepar addressed all of Litvak & Co.’s criteria for optimized insight and client service. The firm determined that support for a global business and investments made in multiple currencies were critical necessities; seamless, easy-to-execute customization was equally essential. Litvak & Co. also wanted a solution that drew data from multiple custodians and a wide range of other data sources.

“Addepar lets us reconcile multi-currency accounts with data coming from multiple custodians and other sources. As an example, we address an international audience of clients in Chile; they appreciate seeing their investments in dollars, yen or whatever’s on their balance sheet translated back into their local currency. That’s important. They like the customization,” Mr. Litvak explains. “Some clients want to look at their portfolio in a 10-year cycle, looking at it from 30,000 feet. Other clients with more sophisticated portfolios or a family office want to better see everything from their performance to risk analytics to other specific views, including their alternative and private equity holdings. Addepar lets us achieve all of this.”

The Result:

Delivering Big while Staying Lean

With Addepar’s multi-asset class and multi-currency reporting designed to assess any entity, Litvak & Co. addresses the needs of its international clientele. The platform also communicates to clients instantaneously through the cloud on multiple devices. These capabilities ensure increased functionality in a fraction of the time we would have spent analyzing portfolios on previous platforms. “We hooked in with multiple custodials and the process became automated,” Mr. Litvak says. “Before, one report could take all day and now it takes seconds and minutes. It’s the difference between going to town on a horse and going to town in a Ferrari.”

As Litvak & Co. adds clients who are impressed with its new capacity to assess elaborate portfolios, the firm sees Addepar as a tool to both help drive and manage growth. “Our tagline is ‘Old World. New Perspective.’ To deliver on that, we have to provide high-touch service that is supported by the best technology,” Mr. Litvak says. “Our approach is helping us attract clients, and it will keep them with us for decades to come. Addepar improves the client experience, and helps our team work more productively. Basically, Addepar lets us deliver big and stay small.”

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