The Full Story

The Challenge

Perigon wanted to move away from inefficient reporting technology and provide a better client experience.

The Solution

Perigon adopted Addepar as the firm’s unified solution for data aggregation, analysis, and reporting. This enabled Perigon to deliver rich, customized portfolio information to clients through a Perigon-branded portal.

The Result

Perigon is using Addepar to scale its custom approach with speed and efficiency and to support the growth of its team and client base.

Perigon Wealth Management "Addepar scales our custom approach without having to grow our back office at the same rate. You do something once and share it across the firm. We’re growing at a pace that would have been impossible without Addepar."

Chris Hale / Chief Operating Officer

The Challenge:

Inefficient processes

Perigon Wealth Management, an independent registered investment advisor, provides investment management services to more than 100 families. The firm has recently attracted a number of new advisors and clients to its roster. As it grew its practice, Perigon realized that its legacy technology and processes needed to change. The firm was spending several days drawing data from multiple sources to create reports, and the approach couldn’t keep pace with the firm’s needs.

Chris Hale, Chief Operating Officer of Perigon, explains: “We needed to shift from providing a few dozen client reviews a few times a year to delivering hundreds of client reviews throughout the year. We also recognized that clients wanted more. If it takes several days and multiple technology platforms to cobble together a report, you’re not meeting expectations. Technology experiences outside the financial world have changed the degree of transparency clients expect.”

The firm decided to explore alternatives to its legacy platform in hopes of uncovering a better way to analyze data and generate reports.

The Solution:

Achieving scalable customization

Of the options Perigon explored, Addepar stood out. Addepar provided a technology platform that aggregated and reconciled data from multiple custodians on a daily basis. The data was ready for reporting and analysis by Perigon’s team without manual intervention. Perigon could also make the information available to clients through a portal that reflected their brand. Importantly, the Perigon team could make customized reports and analysis available to each client based on the client’s specific needs and preferences.

“Addepar was unique in its ability to provide very custom experiences built around timely data,” says Hale. “One of the focuses of our firm is to put our clients first in every way. Through its analysis, reporting and portal features, Addepar helps us deliver the first class experience that our clients want and expect.”

Hale adds: “Addepar helps us to be more efficient and responsive, too. What we’ve found in using Addepar is that it empowers us to ask better questions of the data. It helps us to facilitate conversations about growing wealth and protecting it in ways that are well suited to individual families. We can drill down into the details or deliver a high level of clarity all easily and quickly.”

The Result:

Rapid growth and higher levels of satisfaction

Since turning to Addepar, Perigon has accelerated its pace of growth. “Our legacy technology would have been a bottleneck to growth,” says Hale. “Addepar scales our custom approach without having to grow our back office at the same rate. You do something once and share it across the firm. We’re growing at a pace that would have been impossible without Addepar.”

According to Hale, Addepar has played a role in Perigon’s growth beyond simply adding scalability and efficiency to its analysis and reporting processes. “Clients and advisors come to us because they appreciate our philosophy and approach to wealth management,” he says. “Clients tell us how much they value having more transparency into their portfolios. The capabilities we get from Addepar not only help us to scale— they help us grow our business and satisfy our clients.”

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