Silicon Valley Bank No other solution came close, and we evaluated dozens of options. Addepar provides a high level of consistency with timely and accurate direct custodian feeds, allowing this information to be represented in elegant reporting tools. It just connotes ease, trust and safety.
Jeff Schnitz / President of Wealth Advisory
Fremont Group Addepar is a key component of providing extraordinary service and a granular level of detail to each family member. We have moved on from being processors of data to users of information, enabling us to spend more time on analysis and risk analytics than we have in the past. Chuck Lesem / Director of Planning and Treasury
Rincon Advisors Addepar offers a level of transparency that’s hard to achieve without a huge back office. It offers immediacy and efficiency that’s otherwise impossible. That’s enabling us to offer dramatically better service to our clients. John O'Connor / CIO and President
Robertson Stephens Addepar is a game-changer. Clients were happy with their legacy technology, but when they see Addepar, they realize how clunky their old system is. It’s like the difference between a mid-market sedan and a high-end sports car. Stuart Katz / CEO

Family Offices

Addepar automates and streamlines performance reporting and communication all within a secure, scalable and fast platform. Win back time to spend on more critical matters like family office governance and investment strategy.

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Wealth Advisors

Addepar empowers you to provide the best, high-touch client service possible. By eliminating time spent on manual processes, you can spend more time actually doing investment analysis, advising, and building stronger client relationships.

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Private Banks

Addepar offers you a best-of-breed solution for data aggregation, analysis, and reporting. By implementing state-of-the-art technology and investment management solutions, Addepar helps you better support and retain top clients and talent.

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