Empowering smarter investment management decisions.

The Problem

The financial world is complex. Owners, issuers, guarantors, buyers, and sellers all have relationships to assets which can change over time. Flat, tabular structures do a poor job of representing this complexity.

Our Solution

The Addepar platform presents a new comprehensive graph of the financial world. Nodes represent entities: assets, people, and legal entities. Edges represent relationships between these entities (e.g. ownership).

Addepar’s algorithms navigate paths across its graph. For example, if a user wants to calculate the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for an individual’s portfolio, Addepar will trace all of the paths from that person down to each of their holdings, identifying all intermediary entities, and aggregate the cash flows across all holdings.

The Financial Graph also presents assets differently depending on where they are held. For example, “cash” is not the same in every account: the liquidity and risk profiles change based on what type of account that cash is in. Cash held in a tax-exempt account is distinct from cash held in a typical brokerage or bank account. Addepar’s graph distinguishes both the aggregated cash position and the positions aggregated by factors such as liquidity.

Addepar’s graph provides an intuitive way to view assets and perform analysis.

Our Higgs Boson

We consider Transaction Effects to be the elementary particles of finance. It represents the multiple impacts that a transaction may have within a client’s account.

Transaction Effects allow Addepar to respond automatically to changes in data as entities transact. For example, adding a new transaction type takes minutes instead of days. This speed and flexibility is key, as typical custodians have hundreds or thousands of unique and proprietary transaction types.

These Transaction Effects allow us to maintain a consistent model that accurately represents every transaction, no matter what the data provider calls it.

Example Buy Transaction - Addepar breaks down every transaction into its component parts, a “buy” transaction is not a single action but may consist of multiple effects.

Open & Reconciled

Addepar is an open platform that harnesses the user’s data to enable advanced wealth management. It aggregates directly from custodians and administrators. In addition to these direct connections, Addepar facilitates importing and validation of spreadsheets, text files, PDFs, etc. All of this data is reconciled and normalized before being passed to our application.

Addepar does the heavy lifting, allowing the user to focus on allocation and decision making.

When possible, Addepar integrates with third parties to easily allow additional functionality. Our API allows for easy integration with leading third-party applications.

Addepar is the only platform that accommodates all the activities of wealth management, and ensures that data reconciles across them. It ties together disparate sources and presents that data for advanced analysis and reporting.

Intuitive interactivity

Advisors are inundated with information and most analysis tools have not caught up to big data. At Addepar, we recognize that data is only valuable when advisors can properly leverage it. To this point, we continually push our interface to represent financial data in more intuitive ways.

Addepar’s interface promotes greater interactivity between advisor and data by reducing the friction between them. Our software encourages advisors to quickly formulate questions, receive data in a variety of visualizations, and to ask further questions. Through rapid iteration, advisors are able to make long-range improvements in intelligence.

At the end of the day, advisors need to know where their clients’ portfolios are, where they need to be and what they must do to get there. Addepar’s intuitive interface enables advisors to separate signal from noise to achieve those goals.

All is secured

At Addepar, we believe that security is one of the most important services we can provide to our clients. With this in mind we have designed our security systems to be robust, fail-safe, and verifiable. Our engineers have substantial experience working with and building world-class technology and Addepar is built to meet and exceed all relevant security protocols and standards. Members of Addepar's Information Security team have substantial experience in both offensive and defensive security and are dedicated to securing all aspects of the Addepar Management Platform including but not limited to: physical security, data transmission security and storage security.