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Academy offers in-person and virtual learning experiences designed to sharpen your skills and help you achieve success with Addepar.


Popular in-person courses

Our skilled Academy trainers have designed comprehensive training courses to help you reach your goals faster. 

This virtual, one-hour course will help beginners get a feel for the product and its common uses.

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More comprehensive than QuickStart, Addepar 101 is your introduction to everything Addepar. Through lectures, demonstrations, guest speakers, and hands-on exercises, this course will enable you to comfortably navigate the Addepar platform. You’ll also learn about our development process and the services we offer to ensure your success.

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Are you interested in becoming an Addepar ‘power user’? The 200 series trains you on a wide range of tasks in Addepar, including how to use the system to meet the unique needs of your firm.

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Addepar Academy Online

Addepar Academy Online offers an important complement to our in-person training and online Help Center with a library of free interactive videos. Armed with this self-guided curriculum, you can leverage our platform to operate at maximum efficiency.

Video tutorials

Knowledge-based quizzes and interactive challenges

Key concepts, core workflows, troubleshooting discussions

The training course exceeded my expectations - it was a ten out of ten. I came out of there confident that I could proficiently use the software and perform many of my day to day activities after just three days.

Joe Borelli

Client Advocate, Mirador LLC