Power all your operations

Enhance the value of your Addepar platform by seamlessly integrating with your other tech.

Get more out of your data

Connect all of your systems
and workflows

Spend less time toggling
between systems

Use Addepar data to feed all
your operations

Data you can trust

Our direct data feeds aggregate all your portfolio, market and client data in a single place. We then verify and standardize it across liquid and illiquid assets. 

Having all this data in a common format allows you to conduct deep analysis and get actionable insights on every type of asset class in a portfolio. 

Unlock the value of your data

Our APIs ensure that this higher quality data flows across systems, so you can efficiently automate workflows and power your business-critical applications.

With Addepar as the hub for your operations, you have a consolidated, “go-to” place for critical information, eliminating the need for duplicative data entry and system cross-checks.

We are looking for ways to deliver value beyond just tables and charts. We want more ways to tell stories to our clients, how the investment strategy is helping with their financial goals, and the thought process behind investment decisions.

Duff Saxe

Partner, Summit Trail Advisors

Connect with the tools
you use every day

Connect Addepar to all the tools you need to run your business. We’ve pre-built many popular and useful integrations with market-leading applications to get you off to a running start. This helps you increase your productivity and get more out of your existing software. 

Tailor your
 Addepar platform

If there’s an integration you need, you can quickly create it to your specifications with custom integrations. Flexible APIs allow you to build integrations with almost any system, proprietary or third-party. Transform indispensable proprietary and legacy systems, customize workflows or expand use cases with third-party applications.

Resources to build
what you need

Whether you prefer to do it yourself or enlist the help of an approved partner, we have the resources to ensure that you get there.

  • Powerful suite of APIs
  • Intuitive developer resources
  • Scalable and secure infrastructure

Tour our Developer Portal to learn about our APIs, practice modeling requests and review best practices, so you can quickly launch new solutions.