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Preserve wealth with peace of mind

No two family offices are alike. Whatever your strategy, Addepar's family office software helps you handle complexity efficiently — preserving family wealth for generations to come.

for single family offices

Ultra-high-net-worth families invest with sophistication. We’re here to help you serve their unique needs.

Create greater transparency by centralizing the family office’s financial information in a single place.

  • A complete view of all accounts and assets, no matter the asset class, legal entity or currency

  • Delivered with the highest standard of security

Instantly analyze and visualize portfolio data. Immediately assess your exposure, understand your risk and turn insight into action.

  • Takes into account complex ownership structures, multi-asset classes and multi-currency scenarios

  • Analyze down to the smallest transaction or across the most complex portfolio, within seconds

Flexible reporting capabilities give you the power to quickly create customized reports that update in real time.

  • Efficiently create customized multigenerational reports

  • Strengthen family communications around wealth transfer and preservation

The security and privacy of your family office are our top priorities. We’ve designed a multifaceted data security program that ensures the confidentiality and integrity of data managed on our platform.

Integrated Solutions that Enhance Workflows

  • Align portfolios to targets with portfolio decisions powered by aggregated Addepar data.

  • Rebalance on demand for select accounts, households, portfolios or an entire book of business.

  • Model asset allocations–including illiquid assets–to optimally achieve your client’s goals, objectives and cash flow requirements.

  • Choose from various capital market assumptions to test hypothetical performance across different scenarios.

  • Simplify the calculation, production and tracking of fees, and run and review any bill across all accounts.

  • Billing summary and fee detail pages offer a more digestible layout and capture granular fee calculations used to generate bills.

Easy onboarding

  • Nearly a decade of experience with client implementations

  • On-demand Help Center and online training to kickstart your experience

A modern digital experience

  • A customizable portal provides on-demand access to lawyers, accountants, and other stakeholders

  • Intuitive mobile and iPad apps make it easy for family members to access portfolios in a secure way, at any time

Expand your community

  • Connect with and learn from the scores of single and multi family offices that Addepar supports

  • Participate in regular in-person learning and networking events



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The time it takes to create reports has been cut by 50%–60%, giving our team the opportunity for higher-value activities that benefit our families.

Catherine Jackson

Gleneagles Group

After using multiple different softwares in the past, our only regret is not getting Addepar sooner.

Matthew Porter

Castle Financial Management