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Collective intelligence. Shared reward.

A unique, holistic data set. The sharpest analytical minds. A passion for helping investors make more informed decisions. Combine all three and you’ve got a whole new way of looking at the world of investment management. Get ready to invest with perspective.

Giving insights impact

When properly harnessed, investment data has the power to maximize the impact of capital and positively influence an entire industry. We’ve assembled a group of cross-disciplinary experts to uncover unique insights and help build a world where that power is within reach.

About our work

Addepar Research takes a fresh look at a variety of topics to enhance the thinking and decision making capability of our clients. From timely updates on market and portfolio trends to foundational investment practices and in-depth, peer reviewed reports on weighty topics, we are pleased to make a few of these pieces available more broadly.

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Our Data Pledge

Addepar adheres to leading industry data security and privacy practices

All analyses are limited to the purpose of creation

As a company that provides technology for the aggregation and management of financial data, we take the security and privacy of client information very seriously. In order to perform analyses on aggregated platform data, there must be a legitimate reason that results in a specific analytic product. 

We protect the confidentiality of our clients and all investors on our platform.

Protecting the information entrusted to us is our topmost priority. Our analytic products are built through three principal methodologies, (1) aggregation, (2) anonymization and (3) minimum sample sizes.

We impose technical, administrative, and contractual measures to ensure that individual firms or investors are not identifiable through overrepresentation in any published analysis. All analyses are reviewed to assure there is no exposure of identifiable information, holdings, or actions of any individual firm or investor.

Data is not used or shared unless adequate, relevant and necessary to perform analyses.

We approach all data policy decisions from the perspective of building meaningful analytics that result in industry-relevant insights. We adhere to applicable laws and industry guidelines regarding the handling of de-identified data. Addepar does not sell information that identifies clients.