Addepar Billing

Ensure your billing sends the right message

Fee transparency is critical to building client confidence, but errors and delays that result from billing with legacy systems can erode that trust. Addepar’s end-to-end billing simplifies the calculation and tracking of firm fees for improved accuracy, transparency, and execution.

Streamline bill runs with Addepar

Given the growing complexity of your clients’ investments, billing may be consuming more time and resources than your firm can spare. Addepar allows you to run bills with ease:

  • Generate bills in bulk by select groups and bill dates

  • Conduct firmwide revenue and earnings analysis by team

  • Retain historical billing data even after data or fee schedules change

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With Addepar’s billing module, you can:

  • Simplify the set-up, run and review of any bill across all accounts

  • Control fee structures, billable assets, bill timing and intervals

  • Respond to client or audit questions easily with the underlying data and fee calculations at your fingertips

  • Provide the billing customization your clients expect


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