Addepar emerged from the 2008 downturn and from the beginning, the platform was built to adapt to market volatility and change. And we certainly saw that in 2020.

We’ve long been a client-centric technology company with a deep understanding of RIAs, family offices and other financial services firms. We provide the timely and transparent answers you and your clients need—through powerful reporting, analytics and access to unique investment opportunities.

So, last year while many providers struggled, we helped our clients thrive. We stayed laser-focused on enhancing our platform to deliver a truly bespoke client experience.

Broad acceptance

Client adoption over the past year has been highly gratifying and produced some remarkable numbers regarding Addepar becoming the platform of choice:

  • Nearly 150 new clients joined Addepar in the last year and nearly 600 clients now use Addepar

  • Over $2.5 Trillion of Assets on Platform  

  • $15 billion in assets added weekly on average to the platform

Good listeners

In recent months, we’ve continued to listen intently to our clients. Our purpose-built solutions, in part created with input from our Client Idea Portal and direct feedback from our Client Advisory Board, have been catalysts for growth. Among our latest offerings are:

  • Marketplace—Providing seamless digital access to quality investment opportunities and platforms through our affiliate Acervus Securities

  • Addepar ISI—Delivering insight into investor sentiment by tapping portfolio-level data from our platform

  • New client portal—Offering an improved look and feel for telling each investor’s story

  • Enhanced mobile experience—Bringing the power of the portal to our mobile app

  • Billing solutions—Ensuring clarity, accuracy, flexibility and timeliness 

  • Addepar Navigator SM—Enabling firms to perform liquidity modeling and scenario analysis for more strategic decision-making

Our goal is to bring more transparency, insight and access to RIAs and other wealth managers, so in turn they can provide better client experiences going forward.

Client perspectives

In many ways, our clients really tell our 2020 story best:

“Addepar’s reporting services are a natural fit for Bartlett. Their forward-looking approach aligns with two of our core values: to deliver a superior client experience while continuing to look ahead for improvements that can be made to client service and operations. Addepar’s efficient and sophisticated platform will offer leading-edge reporting for our clients and provide a solid foundation for Bartlett’s continued growth.”

Kyle Pohlman, Managing Director of Support Services, Management Committee Member and Partner, Bartlett Wealth Management

“Addepar is a proven leader in adviser technology, and they have been a great partner to Focus as we have built our business to the scale and international reach we have today. As Connectus expands its presence outside the U.S., it is essential that we collaborate with an industry leader that can scale and serve the evolving needs of Connectus clients. Addepar's reputation and platform allow us to attract and serve a broad range of end clients from high-net-worth to family office clients globally.”

Rajini Kodialam, Co-Founder, Board Member and Chief Operating Officer, Focus Financial Partners

The Addepar platform is now leveraged and loved by some of the top names in wealth management—from leading RIAs to family offices and large enterprises. Among the leading names are: WE Family Offices, Bartlett Wealth Management, Connectus Wealth Advisers and MG Capital.

We also continue to garner honors such as recently being recognized as the Best Multi Asset Class Portfolio Management System in the 2021 Private Asset Management Awards. It’s a testament to our hard-working team’s commitment to keep improving our open and independent platform.

Choosing Addepar has become something of a default option for all the right reasons. 

Changing landscape

The wealth management landscape experienced a seismic shift over the past 12 months. Any notion that robo advisors were going to acquire a substantial chunk of the business are gone. Clients recognize that they rely heavily on Addepar’s technology when the market is in turmoil and footing is hard to find, this past year really solidified the importance of the advisor / client relationship and the need for a truly world class system to enable clients and families to have data driven conversations in a timely manner.

We’re working diligently to offer additional value through our platform. Our acquisition of RCI and the Navigator modeling tool for sophisticated portfolio analysis is a good example of this, enabling Addepar clients to now provide rear view and future state analysis.

Most importantly, we never expect to be finished building our platform. We have so much more we want to do. We’re excited to innovate with fintechs and other third-party players within what we expect will be a rapidly changing global ecosystem—to ensure that our clients have the transparency, insight and access required to not just succeed but thrive in with whatever the future brings. This industry is changing faster than it has ever done before, families and wealth managers need to invest in a platform that will adapt and innovate with them for years to come.