Firms Save Time, Reinvest in Client Relationships with the Flexibility and Automation of the Addepar Platform

We asked our global client base of wealth managers how Addepar’s leading platform for data management and aggregation, analysis and reporting is helping  them better achieve their goals. 

In today’s fast-paced financial markets, the ability to scale and remain competitive requires more than just rudimentary, error-prone spreadsheets, and manual efforts spent managing disjointed legacy systems. You require best-in-class insights and technology to support your business, while your clients demand reliability, speed, transparency and a genuine human touch. 

According to BCG’s 2023 Global Wealth Report, "moving from a legacy stack to such an E2E (end-to-end) approach can be very powerful, with a 25% reduction in operating costs possible across the organization through a more scalable platform and a simplified operating model." 

You need an experienced tech partner that will meet you where you are and innovate with your needs at the forefront, so that you can do what you do best — even better. Addepar is the technology and data partner that is bringing growth minded wealth and asset management teams the cutting-edge technology that clients and employees alike are more accustomed to using.

From billing, to integrations to reporting, Addepar offers a robust, easy to use, platform that meets all your needs to support increases in the number of clients, assets managed and overall volume of business. Clients are at the center of our development decisions and our commitment to innovation helps Addepar clients achieve better outcomes, optimize resources and increase visibility in an exceedingly competitive market. 

We asked our global client base how Addepar’s tech and data platform is helping them to better achieve their goals and heard takeaways across the following key business dimensions:

  • Efficiency

  • Growth

  • Client experience 

  • Investment insights and performance

Read on to learn more about what our clients have to say about their experiences with Addepar. 

88% produce more customized client reports with Addepar

According to The Economist, “the emergence of slick platforms for managing wealth and the automation of basic advice have also expanded the pool of potential clients” for advisors. Advisors are using Addepar to increase efficiency and unlock a greater ability to serve more clients. 

"[Addepar] increased our capacity to service clients who are just looking for a reporting provider versus investment advice. We are able to customize reports to meet their needs." (Financial Services Professional)

Customizable reporting capabilities allow wealth managers to grow the way you want to. 

"Flexibility of the system allows us to perform non-standard analytics and present them in a credible way." (Financial Advisor)

Your investors have different needs; flexibility and customization set you apart and foster better relationships.

"70% of our growth is from our ability to deliver a unique client offering. The most important piece that we have to that offering today is Addepar." (Executive)

86% save time on custom reporting with Addepar

Addepar’s robust data engine acts as the single source of truth for financial information. By minimizing manual data entry via rudimentary spreadsheets, Addepar reduces the risk of errors and need for extensive manual oversight, saving time and ensuring accuracy of data.

"The data is in many aspects automatically updated, which means less work and more confidence in the data."  (Data Operations Professional)

"No longer using manual processes and spreadsheets as much has increased productivity and saved time and errors." (Executive)

Addepar has enabled us to more effectively manage client data which in turn has given us more bandwidth. (Data Operations Professional)

Advisors using Addepar also see a significant reduction in time spent creating reports, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional service and value to clients. Time-intensive tasks that may have taken an entire team a few hours to complete – such as creating customized reports for complex portfolios – can now be done in a matter of minutes with just one user. 

Automations in reporting and portal views free up time for me to be able to serve more clients. (Advisor Associate)

"Our financial team had previously used more than half of their time in making reports. Now, with Addepar, that part is made automatically." (Data Operations Professional)

Discover how you can scale effortlessly with Addepar

85% enhance the quality of reports with Addepar

Addepar’s sleek and visual user interface delivers an elevated firm and end-client experience. We enable you to analyze, visualize and slice data, personalize reports and deliver via an intuitive Client Portal that makes it easy for clients to view portfolio details on demand. Clients can access this modern online portal around the clock, whether on your home desktop or on-the-go with Addepar Mobile.

"Addepar best serves the needs of any RIA looking for a sophisticated and nimble reporting solution." (Financial Services Professional)

"Addepar increased the quality and depth of our reports. They are more sophisticated now." (Advisor Associate)

83% more easily gain insights into client assets with Addepar

Exceptional client experiences are delivered by bringing visibility to a traditionally opaque investment ecosystem. By consolidating and unifying all financial data, advisors using Addepar can easily analyze portfolios, provide a comprehensive picture of clients’ financial health, and offer the best possible advice and guidance.

"Data can be processed and analyzed in many different ways and the platform is continuously improving." (Data Operations Professional)

82% produce more holistic reports with Addepar 

Addepar fosters stronger advisor-client relationships by providing more transparency into portfolio performance. The platform provides clients with access to all new and historical reports in one convenient place - without needing to dig through countless emails or reconcile multiple spreadsheets. 

"We've been able to consolidate information that was dispersed through many reports and sources of information." (Financial Services Professional)

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