Working alongside clients and deeply understanding their needs has been our approach to identifying which integrations will best supplement Addepar — and ultimately make advisors’ lives easier. One of the challenges we’ve seen time and again has been the ability to ascertain a comprehensive view of a client’s portfolio and then turn that into customized proposals and financial plans. As any advisor will tell you, financial data systems rarely communicate well with each other, let alone planning and proposal tools.

We work with more than 350 firms and they all strive to differentiate their services and provide a unique client experience. In order to stand out and succeed, financial planning technology has become a necessity. Data supports this, with a study from TD Ameritrade Institutional revealing that 93% of top-tier standout firms have adopted financial planning software, compared to 71% of other firms.

According to our client, GenTrust VP Wealth Management Advisor and Head of Client Reporting Alexander Ruiz, “clients are looking for more than just financial planning and investment advice, they want holistic support in achieving their life goals.”

At Addepar, we’re committed to helping advisors serve their clients, even when the tech isn’t made by us. We’re investing in solutions that give wealth advisors what they need to deliver strong results for clients and empowering adjacent workflows with ecosystem partners.

I’m pleased to share that we continue to build on that commitment and now offer access to three financial planning tools that leverage our data aggregation, analytics, and reporting platform. This includes upgrading our connection with eMoney Advisor and creating new integrations with Envestnet MoneyGuide and Libretto.

We leverage best-in-class integrations to extend the value of our platform into the tools that our clients use the most. These partners were selected based on that caliber to give our clients a greater deal of flexibility.

Advisors can now access Addepar reports from the eMoney vault and share them out to clients, allowing advisors to choose which portal best suits their clients’ needs. Easy, secure sign-on capabilities also make connecting Addepar data with eMoney planning tools much easier. We listened to this feedback and built the Libretto and MoneyGuide integrations to have that ease of access built-in from the start.

Across all three integrations, we’ve developed more streamlined workflows. Advisors are offered efficient access to financial plans and comprehensive portfolio performance. Aggregated, reconciled household and client data is pulled directly from Addepar, including custodial and private holdings. Advisors can also transition seamlessly between a client’s financial plan and their performance. With our eMoney integration, we make this possible through contextual linking so movement between platforms is intuitive.

With MoneyGuide, a user can search their Addepar households directly and run their financial plans at the most relevant level. This can all be done without having to jump through login hoops or navigate extra steps. This holistic view strengthens advisors’ advice and showcases their strategic insights.

We’re making it easier for advisors to enhance their client relationships by bridging with key integrations. In the end, you’ll have the best tools to make better, more informed decisions.

More information on these integrations and what our clients can expect can be found on our announcement release.