As a leader at an advisory or investment firm, you recognize the need to streamline your business by leveraging best-in-class technology, data and services–but the process of designing that stack has its challenges. Does the proposed solution handle your full range of data needs for portfolio, market, client and proprietary data? Do your existing or desired components all work well together? Does the combined solution give you confidence that you can realize your firm’s unique value proposition, and align with your internal goals and budget? By taking the time to answer these questions up front, your firm will be ideally positioned to focus on delivering for clients.

Addepar’s Integration Center empowers you to discover and manage your integration needs in one place, including partner information, step-by-step instructions for set-up and configuration, and developer tools.

An Open Platform

From the beginning, Addepar has embraced an open architecture philosophy to allow a firm’s core technology to evolve as their priorities and needs change. Addepar’s Integration Center provides you with the tools you need to research, design, select and begin the implementation of your data, technology and services vision–all in a no-pressure, self-service environment.

We listen to our clients, and they need partner solutions that connect seamlessly with Addepar. They want an open platform and a powerful suite of APIs to unlock further innovation and operational efficiencies. And they want timely access to portfolio, market and client data to drive informed investment insights.

Addepar’s Chief Product Officer Don Nilsson

What is the Integration Center?

Our Integration Center is a centralized site that allows you to discover and explore our growing network of Addepar partners who offer technology, data and services to our mutual clients. This wealthtech ecosystem seamlessly integrates with your Addepar instance–so the tools and data you use daily are connected and optimized to enhance your firm’s productivity and the client experience you provide. You’ll find resources for:

  • Financial planning

  • Customer relationship management

  • Alternatives workflow management

  • Risk assessment

  • ... and more!

Does Addepar have resources available for developers?

Our open architecture and flexible APIs allow you to build Addepar integrations with virtually any system, whether it’s in-house or third party. Make the most of Addepar’s APIs and data with our easy-to-use developer portal.

What if I need help with an integration?

The Addepar Integration Center is designed to make the research and implementation process easier for you and to ensure it’s managed properly. We want you to be able to evaluate and understand Addepar integrations, both technology and data, on your own time and at your own pace. When you’re ready to have a conversation, we can help you make the best decisions that support your business priorities and goals. Please reach out to if you need assistance. You can also click the Request More Information button for each partner, directly within the Integration Center.