Addepar is a team of builders.

We’re people who have done things, big things.
Now we’re building a platform for the future of finance.

The status quo isn’t good enough. We know things can be done better, faster, and with fewer mistakes. We’re focused on collaborating with the best and brightest and coming to substantive, real solutions. We joined Addepar to build something that is larger than what we could have accomplished ourselves. Join us.

Join us

We are always looking for driven individuals who are ready to join the Addepar team and dedicate their professional career towards solving the challenges plaguing global finance.

If you are interested in joining the Addepar team, please apply to one of the openings above or contact us at .



Addepar employees all own a part of our company. Everyone works hard and everyone shares in our success.


14 catered meals a week: 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, and 4 dinners. Unlimited healthy snacks. Fresh fruit delivery. Ice cream in the freezer. Several drink fridges. Blue Bottle coffee and all the tools needed to brew an awesome cup.


Dental, medical and vision. Multiple plans and multiple price points including a no-premium plan and an HMO.


We’re located in the beating heart of the tech scene. We’re also just minutes from velvety green mountains and jaw-dropping beaches. The weather is temperate year round.


Just drop your dirty clothes in the hamper and they will return cleaned and pressed 3 days later. No fuss, no worries. Nothing says joy like opening a bag of perfectly folded clothes.

Housing Stipend

We give employees a generous stipend to live close to the office. Commuting horrors, no more.

Team Activities

Movie nights, spontaneous barbeques, laser tag, tea tastings, indoor rock climbing, weekend hikes and camping trips, board game nights.


Once a week we choose a prominent technologist, entrepreneur, or investor from our prestigious group of contacts to invite in for a quick lecture. We learn from the best.


Join a team, be part of Addepar lore! Depending on the season you might find us playing soccer, basketball, softball, football, cricket or tennis.