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Technology Built by People Recognizing Importance of Transparency


Jefferies is a full-service global investment bank with 3,300 employees and $37 billion of assets. We offer our clients a hands-on, comprehensive approach to a full range of services with the dedication of a “client-first” mission.The investor base is more demanding than ever. Clients want a team of advisors that really work together to offer the best guidance on where to go and how to get there. At Jefferies, we deliver our clients value by offering a truly holistic approach to the different facets of their financial picture.


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Multi-Asset Class and Multi-Currency Support

Designed to capture every detail of the most sophisticated portfolios

One of the things that was really intriguing to us about Addepar was the whole idea that the company was formed because the founders were frustrated with their own inability to get consolidated financial reporting for their own portfolios.

Investors have a view that consolidated financial reporting across lots of different asset classes should be super simple. And yet it’s incredibly complicated for a whole host of reasons. This is where Addepar comes in. Addepar allows you to delve into the details of transactions and exposures across all asset classes, currencies, and ownership structures.

Real Time Analysis

Dive into your data for a detailed view of any part of a portfolio in real-time

If the technology community is going to turn their minds to a problem they’re going to push the ball forward quickly. And that has been the case with Addepar.  

In the last year, they also created a Client Advocacy group that draws on people who have been sitting in that advisor seat. This has added a lot of positive benefits to the relationship.

Consolidated Financial Reporting

Empowering advisors to present rich visualizations to their clients, peers and stakeholders

Our clients want to understand where they stand. How they can get from here to here, and what are the different steps they need to take along the way. A company like Addepar allows us to deliver reporting on an aggregated, consolidated basis.  Just showing how all the pieces work together helps our clients to understand that the advisor who’s working with them is truly accountable.

I’m not sure the world will ever get simpler, but it is getting more transparent. And that’s why Addepar is part of our future.