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2021 Client Advisory Board


Meet innovators, like you

At Addepar, we believe that community lies at the heart of innovation.

To solve problems, build solutions, and achieve new stages of growth, we need to connect diverse ideas, experiences and people. Together we can push the boundaries of what is known.

As an extension of this belief, each year Addepar assembles a board of respected thought leaders from a variety of roles and firms of all sizes to engage in meaningful conversations about the future of the wealth management industry. We are eager to share their insights, learnings and enthusiasm about our strategic roadmap with our community of fellow innovators, like you.

Melissa Giles

Between the reliability of mathematics and the uncertainty of investments, you can find Melissa’s sweet spot. Though she was first drawn to wealth management by the promise of a dynamic, fast-paced career, the industry’s never-ending learning curve has been her sticking point. Inspired by community and creativity, Melissa is always looking to innovate in her role as Director of Portfolio Management at Americana Partners. “Innovation, to me, means bringing into reality a fresh new idea or concept. I like to think about what could be, visualize change, implement it and help others along the way.” Melissa exercises and meditates to recharge, but when she’s looking for a deeper reset, she always turns to her family.

Kyle Pohlman

In a world full of noise, Kyle prides himself on his ability to separate the important from the peripheral. Though Kyle has worked in investments for 18 years – all of which have been spent with Bartlett Wealth Management – his passion for finance developed as an inquisitive teen in his hometown of Cincinnati. “My father opened a Roth IRA for me on my 16th birthday with a $1,000 deposit. The only rule was that I had to research my own investments. I was hooked.” What started as an opportunity morphed into a lifelong career. While he recharges by working on his farm, it’s clear that his passion for wealth management has deep roots. 

Daniela Gamez

No stranger to hard work and perseverance, Daniela left her home of Venezuela with a clear goal and a plan for how to achieve it. After earning her second accounting degree, she landed at Boreal in its nascent stages and has grown with the firm ever since. In her role as Chief Operating Officer, she is now focused on driving incremental improvements and mentoring the next generation of her team. “I am motivated by passing on what I have learned to others. I want to do whatever it takes to keep the team strong and grow the firm”  Although she is responsible for implementations across multiple countries, she is proud to call Miami her home. 

Kevin Hilden

As Chief Operating Officer and Partner at Cerity, Kevin Hilden finds himself at the intersection of operations, technology and human capital. It’s no wonder that he recognizes the importance of his teams for pushing the envelope. “People often look at technology to be the source of inspiration for innovation, but when your people, your processes, and your systems are working in harmony, you have the opportunity to transform not only how you do something but also what needs to get done.” Considered a trusted problem solver at the office, he also recharges by solving puzzles at home with his family.

David Keevins

With three distinct roles at Crescent Grove – Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer and Senior Client Advisor – there is no aspect of the firm's operations that Dave is not involved in. Being a manager and a practitioner provides Dave with a holistic perspective on the evolving wealth management landscape. In his role as CIO, Dave and his team are constantly assessing markets and working to understand how new opportunities may fit into client portfolios. Dave maintains that a disciplined, objective and adaptable approach to investing is essential. When David isn’t spending time with clients or his family, he can be found on the tennis court. In fact, in 2018 Dave had the honor of being inducted into the University of Kentucky Tennis Hall of Fame.

Randy Conte

On any given day, Randy can be found overseeing client services, implementing IT upgrades, building financial reports, working in operations, sitting in a strategy session, or directing an HR policy improvement. As Chief Operating Officer at Cresset Capital Management, his role is less about what it is than what it is not – and no two days are the same. Randy’s experiences, in both large and small organizations, have helped him recognize the importance of strong team relationships and leadership for driving change. “Innovation, to me, is the shared process of creating something new and improved.” For inspiration, Randy looks to his family first but also counts on the support of a select group of mentors for advice and guidance.

Ed Swenson

Ed was just nine years old when his mom taught him how to trade stocks, which sparked his passion for both investing and mentoring. Since then, he’s earned two business degrees and helped to co-found Dynasty Financial Partners, where he is the Chief Operating Officer. “Innovation is all about finding better solutions to familiar problems. Wealth is evolving in a way that I don’t think it has for decades. I find that really exciting to be part of, and I’m excited to play a small role in where this industry is going.” Ed is an avid reader who enjoys unplugging from technology to learn something new or spend time with his family and friends. 

Dan Kelso

Dan has a killer combination of operations and financial expertise from working at wealth management firms. He is no stranger to building from the bottom up; he was instrumental in creating Luminous Capital and joined Evoke at its inception in 2019 as Chief Compliance Officer. His success can be attributed to his laser focus on building the organization around a growth mindset. “To me, finding new ways to solve problems is improvement; finding new ways to think about problems requires innovation.” Now living in Los Angeles – though originally from Washington state - his ideal day outside of the office entails sun, the beach and (most importantly) no schedule.

Amy DeTolla

Innovation is a part of Amy’s day-to-day life as Chief Experience Officer for Focus Financial Partners’ partner firm Connectus Wealth Advisers. She is responsible for the vision and architecture of Connectus’ fully integrated technology suite and digital-first client engagement platform. She also oversees Connectus’ merger integration activities – a position that requires “always-on” creativity and an ability to see ahead of the curve. “To innovate, you need to see what is possible, not what is.” With over 25 years of experience in financial services, Amy has helped wealth firms transform, in part by implementing financial technology solutions like Addepar. When Amy is not advising Connectus’ ever-growing consortium, she is likely out of the office enjoying outdoor activities and spending time at the beach with her husband, Joe. 

Rob Wedeking

Whether you consider Rob’s 31-years in wealth management or the fact that he splits his time between winters in Palm Beach and summers in New Jersey, it’s clear he’s a master of strategic direction. As Chief Investment Officer at Geller Advisors, Rob leverages his expertise to help coordinate and optimize his clients’ financial lives and philanthropic efforts. Despite this pragmatic mindset, it’s no surprise that Rob sees innovation as finding new ways to think about everyday needs. “I draw inspiration from people that are at the top of their game. This can be business people, artists, athletes. People that have a passion for doing their best and showing us things we never thought possible.”

Claire Rogan

After years of working on Wall Street, Claire took a leap and moved to Miami for a role at GenTrust when it was still in start-up mode. Her experience in private equity, asset management and accounting made her the perfect candidate to help the firm accelerate its growth. As Chief Financial Officer, today she is responsible for the company’s financial reporting, budgeting and operations for private investments. Embedded in all aspects of the business, Claire identifies innovation as key to their firm’s success: “It is critical to come up with new ideas that result in forward progress.” While she is glad she made the move to Miami, she recharges by taking a trip to the mountains to ski, snowboard or simply unplug and take in her surroundings.

Dean Horwitz

It's no wonder Dean has a knack for spotting patterns that other people typically miss. Though he now calls the Bay area home, Dean was born to South African parents and has lived in Toronto, Orlando and Cincinnati. This diverse geographic upbringing fostered his approach to problem-solving with an open mind and his understanding that change is key to successful innovation. "To me, innovation means breaking the norm and accepting that only change will make you stronger." When the self-proclaimed “data junkie” isn’t crunching numbers, Dean can be found in nature, camping with his family or listening to audiobooks on long walks.

David Lee

Inspired by growing and nurturing personal relationships with his clients, David transitioned into wealth management after building a career in investment banking. As Chief Operating Officer at Jordan Park, he combines this human-oriented mindset with his innate passion for problem-solving to find innovative ways to lead his team and clients through challenges. According to David, innovation comes down to having a growth mindset and confronting the status quo. “When I think of innovation, a quote by Warren Bennis comes to mind: ‘Innovation - any new idea - by definition will not be accepted at first. It takes repeated attempts, endless demonstrations, monotonous rehearsals before innovation can be accepted and internalized by an organization. This requires courageous patience.’”

Frank Barone

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Frank launched his career in public accounting before transitioning to the world of venture capital/private equity, and then to a Family Office. To Frank, innovation is all about focusing on a vision of and path towards the future.“Innovation is the innocence to question the status quo, and the audacity to change it. It’s the answer we find when we think we don’t have enough resources.” Frank loves his career, but if you ask him if there’s any other job he’d like to have, he’ll tell you it’s owning a coffee shop by the beach.

Jennie Sowers

Jennie, unfortunately, lost her father at a young age, leaving her mother to manage all of the family’s affairs, including their finances – something she’d never done before. Their financial advisor became an integral part of the family’s future planning, leaving an impression on Jennie that steered her into a career in wealth management. As a partner at KORE Private Wealth, she is always looking for innovative ways to build client relationships and grow the business. “To me, innovation is the opposite of complacency. You always need to anticipate what’s coming your way, and have a plan to adapt.” Motivated by connecting people and opportunities, she is most proud of the work she does to empower her female clients in their financial lives.

Matthew Shaia

After 13 years in wealth management, Matt still loves his job. His driving motivator is knowing that his business has a direct impact on his client’s bigger goals – from their individual aspirations to long-term family plans or non-profit and charitable endeavors. At Lowe Brockenbrough & Company, Matt leads investment operations, overseeing the firm’s reporting, accounting, legal and regulatory requirements. With so many moving parts, he is always looking for creative ways to help the firm progress. “Innovation is iterating on and ultimately converting an idea into a viable, scalable solution to improve the client experiences or operational efficiency.” 

Bryn Talkington

For Bryn, a 25-year financial services veteran and CNBC Contributor, life consists of three things: work, exercise, and spending time with family — although not necessarily in that order. Drawn to a career in wealth management by watching her grandmother invest, she is now a managing partner at Requisite Capital, where she is motivated by her ability to make a meaningful impact on the lives of her clients. When asked about innovation and inspiration, quotes from historical leaders initially came to mind, but in her own words: “Innovation is the intersection of creativity, imagination, ambition and execution.” 

Duff Saxe

After realizing that a career in professional golf was not in the cards, Duff instead tapped his passion for investing and began his career in wealth management. From there, he worked in several finance roles but ultimately returned to wealth management because of his passion for entrepreneurship and excitement for the growth potential of the industry. Inspired by his partners and colleagues, Duff is always looking for new ways to grow the Summit Trail Advisors business through innovation. “I define innovation as an improvement that results in a better product, experience, or the saving of resources. One key result of effective innovation is the scale that it adds to the business.”

Kevin Moran

Kevin never planned for a career in wealth management. He was on course to work for a law firm but got sidetracked by an opportunity at Tiedemann and is proud to have grown his career there ever since. Kevin wears many hats at Tiedemann, which is evident through his multiple titles; a forward-thinking team player, in addition to advising the firm on all legal and compliance matters, he also oversees daily operations. Innovation, to Kevin, equates to looking two steps ahead and always finding opportunities for improvement. “We use a Wayne Gretzky-like metaphor — to skate where the puck is going, not where it is right now.”

Karin Blair

For Karin, there’s power in numbers. According to the 25-year industry veteran, collaborative team research is one of her keys to successful portfolio management. Her determination and creativity have allowed her to build a career in wealth management, while simultaneously blazing a trail for other women in finance. In her current position as Chief Investment Officer at True Capital, she is motivated by the potential to reinvent financial services for a new generation of investors. “It is truly invigorating to be a part of a work culture that is determined to create investment opportunities that resonate with their client’s ideals and passions, not just the bottom-line.” Karin is a foodie at heart, always on the hunt for undiscovered restaurants off the beaten path, whether in the Bay Area or another country.

Michael Banchick

Inspired by his community and surroundings, Michael is proud to call Boston his home. “I love living in a city where we are surrounded by so much diversity, education, and business activity. I am inspired by people doing or producing something remarkable. “As Chief Technology Officer for Winthrop Wealth, he aims to employ data and business automation to elevate customer experiences and gain a competitive advantage. By eliminating barriers to access and understanding data, he empowers his team to build and maintain long-term client relationships. When Michael is AFK (away from the keyboard), he can be found volunteering to develop the next generation of financial leaders and conserve the outdoors.