Addepar was created by an extraordinary team of engineers working for years in close collaboration with some of Silicon Valley's most successful entrepreneurs and investors, along with leading wealth advisors and institutions from California, Texas, New York, & beyond.

The team re-imagined and fundamentally improved how technology works in nearly every aspect of wealth management -- over the last year, advisors representing well over $100b have chosen Addepar to power their businesses, and more are signing up every day.

Founder's Letter


Addepar emerged from necessity.

The financial crisis of 2008 marked a structural power shift in investment management, not just a cyclical correction. Investors now have the leverage to demand transparency, and expect answers as soon as questions arise. Complete answers, however, remain unavailable from financial giants. Wall Street responded to the 2008 crisis with quick fixes—technological band-aids—rather than building new, more accountable systems. Wealth-management professionals, as a result, rely on incomplete data, in countless different formats, sent from disparate sources.

Financial products and services are the largest market in the world, with over $1 trillion in annual revenue. But, as we’ve seen, the financial infrastructure is broken. It’s about time for finance—the lifeblood of the global economy—to catch up with other sectors and modernize its technology. The new possibilities offered by “big data” will soon replace closed networks, cut out middlemen, and empower investors. Open platforms will give inside deals and fraudulent advisors no place to hide. This is a good thing for honest wealth managers, and a good thing for the world.

Chief Technical Officer Jason Mirra and I founded Addepar in 2009 in response to a broadening chorus of advisors and investors demanding wealth-management software that works. The revolutionary Addepar platform establishes root access to the user’s custodian banks, and assimilates this data along with the figures from all other accounts (including alternative investments) into a single elegant format. With Addepar, wealth-management professionals at any level—from registered investment advisors to advisors at major private banks—have the power to see precisely where they stand, at a glance, at any given moment.

We developed Addepar in close partnership with some of the world’s most successful investors, and recruited top Silicon Valley software engineers to tackle the challenges they defined. Addepar’s visionary data management removes the need for manual retrieval, manual entry, and multi-format PDFs. It saves time, prevents costly mistakes, and motivates better decision making.

Best of all, Addepar has the power to evolve. Addepar’s open architecture allows our engineers, as well as the users, to customize workflows and automate new tasks as they materialize. The platform has the flexibility to cope with the ever-changing landscape of financial data, while remaining intuitive to users across the spectrum of wealth management.

Addepar has grown into a company with over 80 full-time employees and offices in Silicon Valley and New York City, with more on the way. Our client base includes family offices, multi-family offices, RIAs, private banks, and fund of funds. We aim to make Addepar the standard software for every level of wealth management. Our clients love us.

Today, we continue to attract the best and the brightest to help us transform global finance. Our mission is just beginning.

Respectfully yours,

Joe Lonsdale
Co-founder and Executive Chairman

Management Team