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Addepar’s New Release Brings Investment Management Into the 21st Century

Leading Investment Management Technology Company Delivers Advanced Platform Trusted by More Than 100 Clients Who Manage $300+ Billion in Assets 

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., April 21, 2015 – Addepar, the investment management technology company for the modern investor, announced a major update to its platform to power the $120 trillion investment management industry. The release further delivers on Addepar’s vision to enable investors and advisors to operate more efficiently and focus on what matters most: managing investments, building trusted relationships and growing their businesses — not IT operations.

Investment management has never been more fast-moving, dynamic and interconnected, and yet the industry is still powered primarily by people with spreadsheets and other decades-old tools. Addepar is the only investment management platform built for modern investors and advisors: it makes complex portfolios easy to understand, revealing deep, accurate, and immediate insights to keep up with today’s financial markets.

The platform aggregates, reconciles and normalizes financial data across all analysis on-the-fly; and arms investors and advisors with the most intuitive and customizable reporting tools on the market. Addepar defines the new standard for advisor-investor communication and cross-firm collaboration.

“The modern world of finance requires integrity, transparency, and impact. It is our mission to deliver technology to make this a reality,” said Eric Poirier, CEO at Addepar. “There is a new wave of investors with increasingly diversified

portfolios, who own trillions of dollars in investable assets. The tools that are used to manage these portfolios are antiquated and incapable of making sense of today’s complex world of finance. This latest evolution of Addepar’s platform empowers investors and advisors to effortlessly address these sophisticated needs, and save considerable time in the process.”

Over the last year, Addepar has seen increased adoption from single- and multi-family offices, wealth advisors, endowments and foundations, large financial institutions, and funds and fund administrators. These clients realized that they must evolve their portfolio insights, reporting and communications to remain competitive and relevant. Customers like Perigon Wealth Management, Robertson Stephens Advisors, and Silicon Valley Bank rely on Addepar to help them gain deeper insights into their portfolios so they can make impactful decisions and work with their clients in a more agile way.

“Addepar has developed a truly impressive interface that makes it easy to quickly and efficiently look at a series of complex balance sheets and portfolios, and develop customized views and reporting to meet the particular needs of any given client,” said Jeff Schnitz, managing director and president of SVB Wealth Advisory, Inc. 

This major release was developed based on extensive client conversations and user-testing, and the result is a significant leap in the usability and functionality of the Addepar platform. The entire Addepar team focuses on refining the platform’s state-of-the-art data aggregation, analysis and reporting capabilities to drive informed investment strategies and centralize communication - all supported by instantaneous and secure cloud access. 

About Addepar

Addepar is the financial operating system designed to bring common sense and ethical, data-driven investing to our financial world. Addepar handles all types of assets in any currency so investors and advisors have a clearer financial picture at every level, all in one place. With customizable reporting, financial advisors can visualize and communicate relevant information to anyone who needs it. Secure, scalable, and fast, Addepar is purpose-built to power the global financial system. With offices in Silicon Valley, New York, Chicago and Salt Lake City, Addepar works with more than 200 single and multi-family offices, wealth advisors, large financial institutions, endowments and foundations representing more than $500 billion assets under management. Learn more at