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As the leading multi-segment solution for data aggregation, analysis and portfolio reporting, find out how we stack up.

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How do you select the right reporting and analytics platform? Here are the best practices for assessing solutions. 

This guide:

  • Takes a close look at your options

  • Evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of each approach

  • Provides a checklist for assessing your needs

See how Addepar stacks up against other RIA platform providers

#1 in reporting flexibility
#1 in reporting customization

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Our RIA platform allows you to:

Fuel meaningful growth

  • Grow your most sophisticated client portfolios by eliminating inflexible systems and tedious workflows

​Create personal experiences​

  • Customize any report or view to offer tailored insights and conversations to each client

​Scale with confidence​​

  • Centralize your data, streamline workflows and work with knowledgeable partners to grow with confidence 


Leading firms are choosing Addepar

Trust is integral to Winthrop’s client relationships. We needed a partner that understood this, and would not only help establish confidence in data accuracy but also act as a single source of truth for our reporting and analysis.

Max Winthrop

Winthrop Wealth

We’ve been able to grow our business, provide customized reports and maintain 99% client-retention rate -- all without investing in additional human resources for reporting

Paul Pagnato


Addepar provided the flexibility and sophistication that was necessary for the growth we have achieved over the past few years.

Kevin Moran

Tiedemann Advisors

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