The Addepar Research team leverages the power of Addepar’s unique, anonymized and aggregated data set to help investors make smarter decisions, offer better advice and improve portfolio performance. Research reports and insights are available to Addepar clients – leading firms in the investment and wealth management industry – via a private, password-protected site. Select excerpts are also available on a public-facing site.  

“The financial services industry would be hard-pressed to find another organization that could produce this level of insight on this cohort of investors - unparalleled in its size, scope and composition.” - Dr. Ashby Monk, Head of Addepar Research

Original research and analytical tools

At launch, 40 pieces of original research were available to Addepar clients. These reports cover a wide range of topics and vary by length, timeliness and actionability. Research types and topics include:

  • Timely updates on market and portfolio trends synthesizing distinctive data sources 

  • Proprietary bi-annual capital market assumptions surveys

  • In-depth, peer-reviewed investment reports on themes including risk, sustainability, investment governance and technology

  • Foundational investment practices on a range of fresh topics, from navigating secondary markets to cash management

The insights gleaned from Addepar Research also inform certain analytical tools available on the Addepar platform, including Navigator. Addepar Navigator℠ has proven to be invaluable for our clients who invest in alternatives, particularly now as they balance managing cash reserves to private market commitments.

A data set unparalleled in size, scope and composition

The proprietary insights available from Addepar Research represent over 275,000 portfolios with ~$4 trillion in assets, and the data reflects an ecosystem of ultra and high net worth households typically under-represented in other data sources. In fact, nearly 40% of the data is related to alternative investments - offering insights other data sets may lack. 

A cross-disciplinary team and multi-method approach

The team and their approach are also very rare in financial research – a confluence of diverse backgrounds from academia, mathematics, hedge funds, and qualitative and survey research. Their goal is to look at data from different perspectives and provide new, unbiased and previously unattainable insights to our clients and the industry at large. Dr. Ashby Monk, a leading investment expert, leads the team. They also partner with award-winning academic researchers from the London School of Economics, Harvard, the University of Chicago, Princeton and Stanford.  

The team's work reflects a commitment to help shift the industry towards a more data-driven and resilient evolution capable of meeting today’s challenges. To that end, excerpts from numerous research reports will be made available to the public at large on the Insights page. If you’re not a client but would like more information, please contact our team at bd@addepar