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In August, we made our Help Center more accessible by bringing it in-app and introduced group automation to simplify and streamline group management. We released new research on manager selection in private markets and introduced a risk management framework to address cash and liquidity needs during periods of market stress. We’re excited to expand our Community Meetups into Canada and bid farewell to our latest class of interns. Read on to learn more.

Product Updates

Analysis & Reporting: In-app Help

In-app help enables users to search Addepar’s Help Center for guidance without leaving the page. Access step-by-step guides and tutorials; tips and best practices; and definitions of core components like attributes, transaction types and more, all within an existing workflow. Users can also move and hide the resource by hovering over the icon or through the global navigation.

Accessing the Help Center to troubleshoot cost basis issues

Ownership: Automate Group Membership (open beta)

Now, users can automatically add or remove portfolios from existing groups and create new groups as needed via Addepar’s new Group Automation tab. Group Automation rules can use built-in or custom attributes to define which entities belong in the group – for example, a group to contain all accounts with more than $250k in cash. Groups can be set to automatically update on a recurring schedule; refreshing daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. 

Addepar’s Group Automation Tab

Addepar clients can review the Release Notes for details on our latest product updates. Not a client? Contact our team at for more information.


In private markets, skillful manager selection is critical to success, but an explosion in fund formation and declining performance persistence have made the process of sourcing, screening and selecting managers more complex than ever before.  

Marketplace Private Placements Director, Dan O’Donnell, CFA, recently published a white paper titled Manager Selection & The Paradox of Skill, outlining how investors can increase their odds of accessing the managers poised to create alpha over the long term and buck the trend of declining persistence.

Research & Insights

For every investment, the central question is how the return compares to the risk. Cash is often considered a riskless asset, yet moments across history remind us that it’s not entirely risk-free. As recently as the spring, the U.S. Treasury had to guarantee uninsured regional bank deposits during bank runs. In this new brief from Addepar Research, we introduce a risk management framework with practical suggestions to help investors manage their cash and meet liquidity needs during periods of market stress.

Reach out to the Addepar Research team at to recommend ideas for future research. Addepar clients can register for access to Addepar Research here

What’s Happening Around the Addepar Community

  • Addepar in Toronto:  We’re thrilled to host our first international Addepar Community Meetup in Toronto, Canada. Join us at Vantage Venues on Tuesday, September 26th to hear from Addepar experts and discuss best practices with other users. Space is limited so please register today.

  • Clients on Navigator: Addepar product lead Rajiv Sharma recently sat down with the co-founders of Three Bridge Wealth Advisors, Brett Sharkey and Eric Thurber, to discuss the origins of Addepar’s Navigator product, the meaningful impact it has had on the way wealth advisors manage their clients’ assets, and plans for the future of the product. Read more about their conversation on our blog.

  • Boston Community Meetup: We recently held our latest Community Meetup in Boston, MA, where we hosted 30 of our clients and partners for roundtable discussions on industry trends and in-depth presentations from the Addepar R&D team on the future of the product. If you’re interested in learning more about our Community Meetups and where we’re headed next, reach out to our team at

Company Updates

  • This month, we’re pleased to welcome Aldrich Wealth LP, Clearstead and Kolinsky Wealth Management to Addepar!

  • Addepar’s Internship Program, AddeU, is coming to a close as we say goodbye to our 43 interns from across the globe. The 2023 cohort participated in professional development and executive leadership sessions and social events, and developed projects to solve real business needs. We’re grateful that these individuals chose Addepar to navigate their professional and career goals and look forward to welcoming our 2024 class next Summer – keep an eye on our careers page for future internship opportunities.

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About Addepar

Addepar is a software and data platform that is purpose-built for professional wealth, investment and asset management firms to deliver outstanding results for their clients. We’re helping our clients unlock the power and possibility of more informed, data-driven investing and advice. Our platform was created to empower investment managers to make data-driven and more confident investment decisions, and to clearly see how assets are performing and where they might be exposed. Most recently, we’ve expanded our capabilities to include Navigator for scenario modeling and AdvisorPeak Trading & Rebalancing to address portfolio drift.