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How a Shared Mindset Unleashed Growth for Two Firms


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Leading investment and wealth management firm, Tiedemann Advisors, is renowned for its comprehensive financial advice for high-net-worth individuals, families, endowments and foundations. Anchored by a steadfast vision to provide clients with sophisticated investment and wealth management solutions that are aligned with their goals and values, along with top-notch client experience, Tiedemann experienced tremendous growth in a relatively short amount of time, with a fourfold increase in assets under advisement from 2016 to 2020.

To support their rapid expansion and increasing client demands, Tiedemann needed a robust, flexible and reliable performance reporting solution to empower advisors. They looked to Addepar for a technology and data solution that would provide the greatest value and transparency for their clients. Over the past five years, Addepar has continued to meet Tiedemann’s evolving needs, while also acting as a thought partner in how to best leverage technology to bring clarity and tailored insights to Tiedemann clients.


Tech Limitations Stunt Growth and Impact the Client Experience

Prior to onboarding Addepar, Tiedemann was experiencing some limitations when it came to its reporting capabilities. For example, the firm’s clients were interested in tracking a wide variety of assets, some of which could not easily be aggregated and accurately reported using Tiedemann’s legacy platform. This was a particular priority for impact investments – which is a core and differentiating offering for the firm. Tiedemann recognized the importance of providing clients with a better line of sight into this part of their portfolios, thereby enabling them to better align their investments to their values.  

Furthermore, Tiedemann needed the ability to quickly and efficiently customize reporting to fit the needs of its growing client base, and advisors needed the ability to more easily produce comprehensive, accurate and timely reports - another challenge that the legacy reporting system could not solve for. 

Kevin Moran, Chief Operating Officer at Tiedemann, led the charge in pushing for a technology upgrade for the firm. With a rapidly expanding client base and a broad range of technology requirements, Tiedemann realized that a technology upgrade was needed. 

“We had a strong reputation and history in the financial advisory industry, but we knew we needed better technology to keep pace with the evolving needs of our clients and to provide the client experience that we can be all proud of.” Moran said.


Finding the Right Partner to Unlock Growth Potential 

When deciding on the right technology solution, it was important to Tiedemann to find a partner that shared Tiedemann’s core values of integrity, excellence, diversity and inclusion, permanence and shared learning. Additionally, they wanted a technology solution that could handle their present needs while keeping future growth in mind. The firm selected Addepar and a long-standing, trusted partnership formed.  

The Addepar solution enables Tiedemann to deliver its top-notch client experience -- customizable portfolios, exceptional client service and robust investment services -- while steadily growing. The technology frees up much-needed time by automating and simplifying processes that previously required a heavy manual workload. This has made it possible for Tiedemann to efficiently scale their operations to handle the increase in assets and clients without having to significantly expand their operations team. Today, through the Addepar platform, Tiedemann Advisors is able to provide clients with more in-depth, customized information about their investments than previously possible.

In addition to streamlining workflows and processes, Addepar’s technology has enabled Tiedemann to quickly onboard new clients from two major acquisitions from their legacy reporting systems to the Addepar platform. In 2016, Tiedemann merged with Presidio Capital Advisors, creating a broader national footprint. Shortly thereafter, it acquired the Threshold Group, known for its impact investing expertise and work with large multi-generational families.

Thinking About the Future for Clients and Beyond 

"Addepar helps us deliver a very high level of service to our clients."

Kevin Moran

Addepar’s expanded capabilities allow Tiedemann to offer sophisticated and detailed portfolio-wide performance reporting, including reporting on impact investments that have become a major differentiator for the firm. 

“Addepar has taken us to the next level,” said Moran. “We believe we are the only firm in the country to offer such robust, integrated impact investing reporting.”

Addepar’s support at each of these important junctures in the firm’s growth has been critical. Tiedemann has three times more clients now than five years ago. “Addepar helps us deliver a very high level of service to our clients,” said Moran. The flexible nature of the platform has enabled ongoing innovation to keep pace with a much larger client base and their evolving needs. 

"The transparency that the Addepar reports provide is aligned with our core values and we believe it contributes to long-term client retention."

Kevin Moran

“We provide comprehensive and granular reporting to clients so that they can easily review the impact of their investments,” said Moran. “The transparency that the Addepar reports provide is aligned with our core values and we believe it contributes to long-term client retention.”


Trusting Partners Achieve Tandem Growth

"Addepar provided the flexibility and sophistication that was necessary for the growth we have achieved over the past few years."

Kevin Moran

As the firm has taken on an increasing number of clients in recent years, the partnership with Addepar allows Tiedemann to continue to deliver superior performance reporting to all clients. It also helps Tiedemann to stay true to its core value of Permanence -- building the business “for sustainability and continuous stewardship” -- by demonstrating to clients that the firm’s growth has a positive impact on Tiedeman’s strength, stability and capacity to deliver the exceptional service clients have come to expect. 

“Addepar provided the flexibility and sophistication that was necessary for the growth we have achieved over the past few years,” said Moran. 

Tiedemann relies on Addepar to help customize reporting to accommodate a wide variety of assets. In addition to building out robust impact investing reporting capabilities, Tiedemann closely collaborated with Addepar to develop a new cash solution that helps clients more efficiently allocate cash in their portfolios. The technology adjusts to client needs rather than trapping clients in a stagnant offering. 

More than just a technology vendor, Addepar has been a partner to Tiedemann, and the Addepar account team that has worked side-by-side with them for years have been key collaborators in Tiedemann’s success. The companies have worked together to deliver new capabilities, drive innovation and develop differentiators. Over the long term, Addepar’s customizable solutions mean Tiedemann can continue to expand without worrying it will need to invest in a new technology. Addepar has also grown as a platform while working with Tiedemann. Tiedemann’s growth and new service offerings have led to platform-wide innovation that benefits all of the advisors using Addepar’s technology.

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