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How Addepar Enabled a Fast-Growing Firm
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Tiedemann Advisors is focused on providing high net worth individuals, wealthy families, trusts and foundations with customized, objective investment management and wealth planning services. From the oil and gas markets of Texas to policy in Washington DC, financial markets in New York, and technology in San Francisco—we are proud to have thought leaders in parts of the country where markets are being influenced and shaped. We are privately owned, objective and customized — and that is very different from many of our competitors. We’re fiduciaries. As part of our service structure, we have a trust company where we act as the executor and trustee. When we started the firm three things were very important to us. First was an open architecture investment platform, being conflict-free in everything we did. Second, was a service model that felt like a family office, properly staffed from top to bottom. Third, was customized reporting. We’d been doing the first two professionally and with great process since the inception. But the third was being done by manually piecing together systems and spreadsheets, until now.

Consolidated Financial Reporting

Empowering advisors to present rich visualizations to their clients, peers and stakeholders

When we began our conversations with Addepar we had clients who were used to getting reports in PDFs. To move to a more scalable web-based platform we needed to re-think our technology platform. When we saw what Addepar offered, we knew they were the right partner for now and moving forward.

Our business is educating clients and providing them with information. Some clients want to make the decisions based on the information we deliver to them. Others want it more customized to meet their needs. It’s very much an on-demand response to “What’s the answer to the question I’m asking.”

Real Time Analysis

Dive into your data for a detailed view of any part of a portfolio in real-time

Addepar has been a great system partner for us, providing best-in-class engineering power and flexibility. This gives us what our clients want and what we’ve always wanted.

From our viewpoint, Fidelity, as our custodian, and Addepar, as our technology partner, are seamless in how they’re working together, sharing data between two systems, and delivering insights directly to our clients. The combination of the two provides a solution to us that we did not have historically.

Extensible Platform

Seamless integration with partners and third-party systems

"Addepar is a great system partner with the engineering power and flexibility that gives our clients what they want and what we’ve always wanted to be able to provide."

—Michael Tiedemann

The Addepar open architecture platform leverages the building blocks of modern distributed computing architectures, and open APIs are actively being developed to meet current and future needs.

We’re very happy with the relationship with Addepar and finally have the third leg of our stool in providing clients a customized reporting experience.