Why Addepar

Helping you build personal relationships at scale

Addepar consolidates and unifies all your data so you can easily analyze any portfolio, provide clients with a more complete and meaningful financial picture and offer the best possible advice.

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The Problem

In the world of financial advice, speed, clarity and foresight aren’t just nice to have, they’re a necessity.

Yet tools are insufficient: you need more productivity, scale and reach to remain competitive.

And client expectations are rising, as people demand a more genuine, more human relationships from those they do business with.

We are looking for ways to deliver value beyond just tables and charts. We want more ways to tell stories to our clients, how the investment strategy is helping with their financial goals, and the thought process behind investment decisions.

Duff Saxe

Partner, Summit Trail Advisors

Our Solution

The Addepar Advantage

Work without limits: any data, unlimited scale, tailored to your needs and your clients’ expectations. All delivered in a single platform that’s powerful yet simple to use.

Addepar easily and continually aggregates all financial accounts and investments and enhances them with relevant market and third-party data to provide you with a consolidated view of your clients’ wealth across institutions. The platform is flexible enough to track any asset that can be owned.

Addepar has direct data feeds to a variety of data sources. As data comes into Addepar, it is normalized and grouped for analysis. Our automated verification checks process incoming data, across all asset classes for inconsistencies and potential gaps in data accuracy. When a data verification issue is detected, Addepar will automatically flag the account for the Data Operations team to investigate, diagnose and resolve.

Our data model represents all financial transactions and holdings in a unified data structure. Instantly analyze and visualize any portfolio, taking into account complex ownership structures, multiple asset classes and multi-currency scenarios. On-demand calculations let you analyze down to the smallest transaction or across the most complex portfolio, within seconds. Drill down on what matters most at any moment.

An intuitive user experience enables you to visualize and communicate relevant insights to your clients on the fly. Flexible reporting tools give you the power to “drag and drop” and quickly create tailored reports that update in real-time. You can use pre-built, out-of-the-box templates or create custom content, all branded to your firm’s specifications.

Seamlessly connect Addepar to your existing systems to get the most from your data. Our flexible APIs help you efficiently automate workflows and drive your business-critical applications. Pre-built integrations are simple to deploy, with no coding required. If there’s another integration you need, you can quickly create it to your specifications with our custom integrations.

Your privacy is our top priority. Trust and transparency are cornerstones of Addepar's security program, and security consciousness is a fundamental component of Addepar’s operational excellence. Addepar is entrusted to protect the data of some of the largest industry-leading financial institutions.


One size doesn’t have to fit all

It’s easier than ever for firms to adopt Addepar. Whether you have limited resources or a broad array of advisor teams, we have a solution to meet your needs. We offer options that optimize for speedy implementation as well as the tools, templates, and training to quickly move you forward.


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