We recently held our Fall 2022 edition of Addepar HackWeek when every employee is encouraged to help transform how we and our clients do business through new ideas and solutions.  

We’re on a Mission to Simplify

HackWeek’s objective is to explore a range of new concepts, follow novel paths and capitalize on opportunities to better serve our clients. That’s why year after year, so many of the projects that emerge from HackWeek get further refined and incorporated into the Addepar product. 

“At least four projects from 2021’s hackathons were prioritized for release to end users. Knowing that one day my team’s idea will make it to users motivates me to work for Addepar.”

– Kautuk Desai, Senior Software Engineer

Here are the winning projects for 2022:

Project: Atom Smith

Goal: Uplevel tooling and increase time-to-value for clients and internal teams creating sample portfolios for testing, training and even prospecting. 

Results: Collaborating as a cross-functional team, the group designed a new Addepar custodial feed to supply the building blocks and investment data for anyone to quickly create a tailored client portfolio.

"The most energizing part of the project was working with colleagues across so many teams and geographies — from services, sales and client management to product/R&D and even a third-party implementation partner (Mirador) — in locales from California to Edinburgh."

- Nik Vedejs, Direct Solutions Architect

Project: Simple Filters

Goal: Simplifly analytical filters to offer intuitive, industry-standard functionality.

Results: Simple Filters incorporates an impressive list of commonly sought-after filter capabilities for numerical attributes such as number, money, value, percent and currency.

"My favorite part of Hackathon is always collaborating with people I don’t typically have a chance to work with and seeing the creative side of my co-workers that I don’t see in my day-to-day. Another thing I really enjoy is getting users’ reactions to our design proposals and hearing how small improvements to our product will make a big difference in their workflows."

– Zoe Ouyang, Product Design Director

Project: Tech-Time for Non-Techies

Goal: Provide an avenue for non-technical team members to gain in depth technical knowledge.

Results: The group designed activities ranging from fundamental how-to’s to full-blown day-in-the-life data operations for non-technical teammates to attend and learn from. This training is ideal for anyone who wants to brush up on their skills.

"HackWeek at Addepar is unique in that it invites and encourages both technical and non-technical employees to participate, making the event inclusive across the whole company."

– Sue Padilla, Chief of Staff–Engineering

Project: Feature Flag Dashboard

Goal: Empower Addepar employees to quickly and easily enable or disable feature flags within our testing and demos application. This is beneficial because feature flags determine which features are visible to users in the Addepar platform.

Results: The output of this project allows R&D employees to enable feature flags faster, ultimately improving service to our clients.

"It’s very exciting to see just how much Addepar invests in its employees' development. I’ve never been at a company that had a HackWeek before, so this experience alone was exciting. It also goes beyond HackWeek. Addepar has many internal resources for employees to strengthen their engineering skills, stipends to advance their learning, and leadership that emphasizes integrating learning into your quarterly plans."

– Max Macchi, Software Engineer

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About Addepar

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