Precise guidance for uncertain markets

When markets are volatile, you need to be ready with both the answers your clients need and the time to spend with them. Make sure you have timely and accurate investment data to inform those conversations and instill client confidence.

Has your tech stack
stacked up?

With market disruption now a way of life, clients have higher expectations and continue to push for increased visibility into every step of the advisory process. Your technology should fuel these all-important conversations and empower your team with data-driven insights.
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Checklist: Four ways to make new tech adoption easier

Recent research surfaced four key characteristics of tech onboarding that can help you minimize disruption and find success.

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Addepar allows us to do two things: Give our clients a highly customizable way to view all of their investments and performance, and give us an excellent way to track the various components of our business.

Ben Sax

Partner/Private Wealth Advisor, KORE

Our clients know the value of timely, accurate data. When major indices were recently down 15-20%, Addepar experienced an 83% growth rate in monthly active users year over year. And in the last 6 months alone, we saw a nearly 60% increase in monthly active users on our platform.

Peter O’Brien

Head of Global Sales, Addepar

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