Crow Holdings Capital "There isn't a day when we are not talking to Addepar about something. Addepar is open to our advice on how to make the product better. We are also open to the suggestions they have about how to make our business better. That is a true partnership." Kirk Rimer / Principal, Co-head of Crow Holdings Capital – Investment Partners

The Story

Crow Holdings Capital-Investment Partners provides investment strategy, advice and opportunities for partner families. It does so with a focus on four defining attributes: a cooperative approach, a family perspective, best-in-class service, and investment confidence that together strive to achieve tailored outcomes aligned to each family’s priorities for the future.

Crow Holdings’ history as a real estate development company, has been based on partnerships. That philosophy dovetails through everything we do today as we evolved into the capital markets. Capital markets are an extremely complicated place; every day the ground is shifting under our feet. We like the challenge of engaging in problem-solving for complex, interesting, and demanding partners.

Today many of our partners are families, and families are like fingerprints – each one is different.  We needed a centralized consolidated reporting system that could meet the needs of diverse family investment and ownership structures. Our legacy system was not able to handle the complexity of our clients’ portfolios so we started a search for a new partner.  

We went to Addepar for a number of reasons.

Addepar came along and laid out a plan to aggregate data from all of our custodians. They would gather that data and centralize it, but more importantly they would let us come in and customize how we and our partners wanted to see it. We could now take that data and massage it to create a report that our families wanted. We didn’t see any other tool out there that could do that.

Another great thing about Addepar was their dedication to us from a support and training perspective. We find it really exciting to sit across the table with Addepar and talk about how we want to continue to develop our reporting, what our model is, what the challenges are, and how we can achieve our goals together.

Our work with Addepar has increased our efficiency and helped us avoid much pain and agony further down the road. There isn’t a day or a week that goes by that we’re not talking to them about something. We’re very happy with the relationship.

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