The Who’s Who Of Addepar Avatars

| Katie Mentus, Director of Product Design Product

Anyone who works in the financial services industry can tell you that there are a lot of expectations to manage day-to-day. Feedback comes from all angles: the client, the boss, the boss’s boss. Activating on opportunities is part of the job, but they can quickly turn into challenges if not properly managed. The same can…


Quality Conversations Start with the Right Technology

| Warren Seubel, Director of Global Direct Sales at Addepar Addepeeps

Since the 2009 market bottom, registered investment advisors (RIAs) have enjoyed a bull market. Triple-digit returns have directly contributed to the bottom-line profits of many AUM-based firms.  This stock market rally has allowed RIAs to focus on expanding their client base. Many successful practices leveraged technology to increase advisor recruitment, improve prospecting techniques, and tailor…


Leading with purpose: introducing Addepar’s new social impact initiative

| Kimberly Venable, Strategic Partnerships & Alliances Manager / Executive Director for AddeOne Addepeeps

It’s important to us that our clients know we are much more than our technology. We are the humans behind the platforms, beyond the data. We are accountable to our employees and colleagues in many different ways, including empowering them to give back and create positive change. Last October, as a part of our ten…


10 Years In: Reflecting on a Decade of Transformation

| Eric Poirier, Chief Executive Officer Addepeeps

Addepar is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this week! Now is an opportune time for us to pull up from the daily details together. We’ll reiterate our founding vision from 2009, celebrate the tremendous accomplishments we’ve achieved as a team and with our clients and partners, and define some markers that will keep us all…


Designing for Private Wealth Management: Building Simple Products for Complex Portfolios

| Claudia Jones, Director of Product & Annmarie Akong, Senior Product Designer Product

High net worth investors have complicated financial portfolios. They are underserved by technology, with most tech providers offering unsatisfying products. Investors commonly complain that these products are text-heavy, lacking in visuals, and look dated, according to a JD Power study of wealth management mobile apps. Some exasperated advisors default to tracking clients’ holdings in spreadsheets. …


AddeKids Day!

| Addepar Addepeeps

The Addepar New York office was transformed into a fun zone on August 21 as nearly 20 children accompanied their parents to work. The kids created name tags, played games, and enjoyed snacks with mom, dad, and an enthusiastic group of volunteers who joined in the activities.  “My kids haven’t stopped talking about it,’’ said…


How I Knew Addepar Was the Company for Me (After 23 Years at FactSet): A Conversation with Don Nilsson, Chief Product Officer

| Natalie Sunderland, Chief Marketing Officer Addepeeps

Don Nilsson recently joined Addepar as Chief Product Officer to drive the development of our platform that specializes in data aggregation, analytics, and portfolio reporting to provide insights and clarity into even the most complex investment portfolios. We sat down with him to find out what drew him to Addepar, and what makes him tick….


What I Learned as an Addepar Product Management Intern

| Jigar Shah Addepeeps

Jigar Shah had two graduate summer internships in the bag when he got the call from Addepar. What sealed the deal? “I loved the whole interview process—they were already treating me like a product manager. I felt so comfortable and respected by the whole team,” Jigar said. Addepar felt like such a good fit from…


Top 3 Tips For Moving Clients to Mobile

| Anthony Russo, Senior Director of Product Marketing Investor Experience

As an advisor, your clients have high expectations and rightfully so based on the tech available at our fingertips today. Increasingly, accessing information on a desktop is no longer enough to give clients the service they expect. Many investors are using mobile apps to do everyday banking activities such as paying bills or depositing checks…


Financial Planning Integrations Will Power Up Your Firm

| Will Armenta, Senior Director of Product Integrations

Working alongside clients and deeply understanding their needs has been our approach to identifying which integrations will best supplement Addepar — and ultimately make advisors’ lives easier. One of the challenges we’ve seen time and again has been the ability to ascertain a comprehensive view of a client’s portfolio and then turn that into customized…