Access your Addepar data in eMoney for financial planning

| Susanna Conneen Industry

Addepar now offers a direct connection with eMoney. Our integration allows for a more a holistic view of portfolios, empowering advisors to build comprehensive financial plans that meet their clients’ goals and objectives. So, how does it work? Client, account and holdings data is automatically delivered from Addepar to eMoney daily via the Addepar API….


Reflecting on Addepar and GHC

| Maddie Horowitz Engineering

In my two years as a UI Engineer at Addepar, I’ve had the pleasure of representing our team at recruiting events, including most recently the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC). GHC, named in honor of Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, is the world’s largest technical conference for women in computing. Participants come together…


Supercharge your CRM: Addepar for Salesforce

| Susanna Conneen Industry

76% of investors cite the ability to get a holistic view of their accounts as an important factor when selecting a financial advisor, according to a report published by Salesforce. But finance is fragmented. Clients have their wealth allocated across asset classes, accounts and custodians – and lack of common infrastructure means that advisors often…


Addepar Form Studies

| Nick D'Amico Creative

Guided by a traditional approach to visual research and identity development, the Addepar Design team performed a series of studies to explore how we could translate our logo into a compelling, consistent visual language.


Making Addepar Google-Fast

| Deepak Chandra Engineering

I joined Addepar to build solutions for an important industry that’s been underserved by modern technology. I’m passionate about developing large-scale systems that can hold terabytes of data and answer questions in a fraction of a second. Before coming to Addepar, I spent 9 years at Google, where I was part of the original team…


Making More Informed Impact Investments

| Justin Rockefeller Industry

Justin Rockefeller is Addepar’s Global Director of Family Offices and Foundations. Over the coming months, you can catch him in one of several cities across North America during Addepar’s new event series, The Path to Impact Investing. Learn more about and participate in Addepar’s The Path to Impact Investing. And make The ImPact! The wealth management…


The Path to Impact Investing Begins Here

| Mark Fisher Industry

Earlier in May, Addepar and our partners at The ImPact kicked off a 14-city North American event series, The Path to Impact Investing. We began by holding a reception with remarks and cocktails in Los Angeles, coinciding with the annual Milken Global Conference. The night was co-hosted by our friends at GOOD Worldwide and one…


The Fremont Group: A Family Office Success Story

| Mark Fisher Industry

“As they did the demo I was looking at it and thinking, ‘wow, that’s probably the best piece of software that I’ve ever seen.’” – Chuck Lesem, The Fremont Group The Fremont Group is a family office and private investment firm based in San Francisco that serves a fourth-generation family with about 40 members. They…


Celery Negotiations

| Vincent Romero Creative

Addepar embraces all forms of creativity: we never pun-ish each other for bad jokes. So when Andrew reimagined a common conversation he had in his role as a recruiter, he knew he could trust designer Nick to help realize his dream. The combination of Andrew’s words and Nick’s illustration took up permanent residence on one…


Building Addepar

| Lissa Minkin Industry

To achieve Addepar’s mission to power the global financial system, we had to start by building an extraordinary team. Employees are drawn to Addepar by the opportunity to have a positive impact on one of the largest, most complex industries in the world. Some of us joined because we had firsthand experience managing complex portfolios…

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